Sport Psychology and Biofeedback

I provide all of the also mentioned in the English language. Sport psychology sessions focus on athletes struggling with anxiety, pre-start jitters, lack of motivation, concentration, or comeback after injury. 

The aim is to get the performance back on track and find your optimal level of arousal. One session takes around 50 minutes and the minimum to actually see some changes is 6 sessions. 

Biofeedback is an electronic device that helps you gain greater awareness of many physiological functions of your body like heart rate, breathing, skin conductance, and muscle activation which are the main anxiety indicators. This device will teach you how to control your physiological functions so you can restore your energy and perform at the highest level. 

Price list

Sports Psychotherapy..................800Czk/30Eur - 50min.

Biofeedback.................................1000Czk/40Eur - 50 min.


We can meet at the office in Prague or online via Zoom.


Phone number: +420 603 212 837

Address: Konevova 141, Prague 3, 130 00

Prazacka Offices, 5th floor

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